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We are a leading IT Solutions company in Malta, focused on empowering businesses and public entities with world class technology and quality service.

Established thirty five years ago, Megabyte has registered an impressive track record of achievements and consistent growth in various markets, in both the public and private sectors. Megabyte’s success lies in its expertise accumulated over the years in the development and implementation of total cost-effective IT solutions. It has extensive experience in the design, development analysis and implementation of IT solutions comprising bespoke and third-party software applications, passive and active infrastructure, as well as systems hardware.

Hardware and Infrastracture

Hardware and Infrastructure

Megabyte’s Engineering & Infrastructure Services Business Unit is fully equipped and certified to provide a comprehensive range of business critical services based on various technologies.

Megabyte`s expertise enables us to offer our customers with implementations ranging from Compute, Storage, Recovery, Networking, Virtualization, Card Printing, Security, Auditing, Infrastructure Management, Endpoint Protection, Document Processing, Datacenter Installation, Maintenance and Support amongst others. This can be accomplished by offering proven technologies provided by our industry leading partners including but not limited to Hewlett Packard (HP), Cisco, Vmware, Veeam, Datacard, Kern, Digi, Socomec Sicon and Datacard.


Software Solutions

Software Solutions

The Software Services Business Unit focuses on the production of software solutions designed for use in specific vertical or horizontal applications across all sectors of the economy.

Megabyte`s Ltd. offerings include Airline Management Information Systems, Human Resources Management Systems (HRMS), Payroll Systems, Full implementation cycles of Enterprise and Financial Systems, Design and Development of Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing solutions, Implementations of Customer Relationship Management systems (CRM), Human Capital Management Systems (HCM) and also Enterprise Resource Planning Systems (ERP).

These solutions are delivered by offering in-house developed solutions and also by making use of best of breed solutions provided by our partners.


Services and Outsourcing

Services and Outsourcing

Megabyte has developed a workforce with a variety of skills to deliver services and outsourcing solutions based on heterogeneous products from multiple vendors, into one robust IT system.

Megabyte`s services offerings include Analysis and Security Audits, Data Center Infrastructure, Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity, Managed Services, Implementations, Custom Software Development, Maintenance and Training Services.

Megabyte also supplements it`s product and service range by a 24x7 support service, providing peace of mind to our customers.


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