The Management Team

David Micallef

General Manager, Engineering & Support Services

David graduated in BSc ICT Hons in communications and computer engineering in 2010, joining Megabyte a year later as a Systems Engineer. Forming part of a growing team, David was promoted to Senior Systems Engineer in 2015 and over the years has gained a number of industry certificates from HPE, Oracle and VMware. He has been instrumental in a number of large-scale projects across various industries including banking, manufacturing and logistics. David headed the Engineering and Support Services business unit before recently being promoted to his current role of General Manager, Engineering and Support Services.

In his free time, David enjoys travelling, listening to all genres of music and rustling up a dish or two.

Engelbert Spiteri

General Manager, Software & Professional Services

Engelbert graduated in 2013 in BSc (Hons) in Internet Applications Development from Middlesex University. Starting his career as a Software Developer at an international company with a strong presence in Malta that provides core banking platforms to major banks around the world, he then moved to a local Software House and was involved in mission critical and prominent projects. Engelbert joined Megabyte as Head of Software Services in January 2020 where he was entrusted to lead the Software team from both the operational and technical fronts. Shortly after, he was also entrusted with leading the Professional Services team in tandem. In May 2021, as part of Megabyte’s latest restructuring, he was appointed as General Manager, Software and Professional Services.

An automotive enthusiast, Engelbert uses any free time available catching up on the latest automotive news, riding his motorcycle or going for a leisurely drive in his car.

His primary goal since joining the Megabyte team has been to channel all his experience and career growth aspirations into Megabyte’s people so that together they can leverage on the company’s 4 decades of history and elevate it to the highest level.

Jonathan Briffa

Chief Financial Officer

Jonathan started his career in 2004 as an external auditor with PricewaterhouseCoopers. He joined Megabyte Limited as an Assistant to the Financial Controller in 2008. In 2010 he was appointed as the company’s Chief Financial Controller, a position he holds to date.

Jonathan is a qualified accountant, and over the years has gained a wealth of finance and managerial experience. Jonathan’s goal as CFO of the company is to assist the GMs, strategically, financially, and operationally, in making Megabyte become one of the best players in the IT industry through accurate and reliable forecasting, by managing the cash flows of the company, and by providing real time data in order to have information at hand which can be used for decision making.

In his free time, Jonathan enjoys unwinding by going for a spin on his motorbike, banging away on his drums, training at the gym, reading and travelling. He works best under pressure and with music in his ears to help his concentration.