Bank of Valletta install the HP3PAR Storage System

Bank of Valletta recently upgraded their storage infrastructure by implementing the HP 3PAR Storage system in order to meet their continued storage expansion requirements. This system was integrated seamlessly with their current infrastructure, therefore facilitating the migration of their current data without the need of causing downtime to their core applications and users.

In today’s world, where it is of utmost importance to meet service level needs and increase business agility, Bank of Valletta required a gain from data optimization in order to balance between cost and performance. The HP 3PAR Storage System offered the flexibility to pair data at different storage tiers using different drive technologies to provide the most cost-effective solution by migrating data to less expensive storage tiers without the need of user intervention. On the other hand, the HP 3PAR Storage System can migrate data to a better performing tier to provide the performance required for particular applications such a bank will need in the future.

Joseph Agius, Bank of Valletta’s Executive Head of IT has said of their investment: “The Bank selected an HP 3PAR Storage System as it is the cornerstone and foundation of HP’s storage business. It competes well with products from other vendors and falls in the ‘Leaders Quadrant’ for general-purpose disk arrays. The storage is easy to manage, offers good performance and the list of features provided is second to none. It offers the Bank with a scalable common architecture growth path that stretches from entry-level to larger configurations, whilst still running the same software. The installation went smoothly as expected. BOV has a very long standing relationship with HP and Megabyte who continue to provide excellent support and services.”

Megabyte and HP helped BOV to implement such a system by integrating the 3PAR in the bank`s current infrastructure and migrating data from the existing storage systems providing first class support.

For further information about HP 3PAR Storage Systems, kindly contact Megabyte on 21 421600 or


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