HPE Blades

HPE BladeSystem overview

HPE BladeSystem with HPE OneView delivers the path to Composable infrastructure, with a powerful management platform to speed the delivery of services. Only the path to Composable delivers leading infrastructure convergence, availability, and agility through data center automation.

HPE BladeSystem helps you lower data center costs by 68 percent so you can shift investment from routine maintenance to innovation, maximize availability by reducing downtime up to 90 percent, and accelerate enterprise workload deployment such as virtualization and cloud computing up to 66X faster.

HPE BladeSystem delivers real business results

HPE BladeSystem is a modular infrastructure platform that converges servers, storage, and network fabric to accelerate operations and speed delivery of applications and services running in physical, virtual, and cloud-computing environments. Because the core infrastructure is shared, capital costs can be significantly lower. Blades share power, cooling, network, and storage infrastructure at the BladeSystem enclosure level. Since equipment is not needed for each server, there is a dramatic reduction in power distribution units (PDUs), power cables, LAN and SAN switches, connectors, adapters, and cables. And you can bring in the newest-generation technologies by simply changing the components that need to be updated.

Making routine HPE BladeSystem infrastructure changes takes up to 90 percent less time with the wire-once connectivity only available with HPE Virtual Connect. Virtual Connect simplifies and converges your server-edge connections, making server connections transparent to storage and networks. You can reduce server-edge infrastructure, like network interface cards, cables, and switches, by up to 95 percent.

To further simplify connectivity beyond server and storage infrastructures, HPE Virtual Connect FlexFabric modules can be directly connected to HPE 3PAR storage solutions via direct-attach Flat SAN technology, reducing complexity, cost, and latency.

Take control of limited power resources with HPE Intelligent Infrastructure and Thermal Logic technology inside HPE BladeSystem. In fact, you can increase the capacity of your data center without adding power infrastructure and reduce power costs by 36 percent vs. a traditional environment. HPE Intelligent Infrastructure automates inventory management and power monitoring to speed implementation and reduce operating expenses, while eliminating downtime caused by error-prone manual processes. HPE Thermal Logic technology lets administrators dynamically track and control power limits based on workload demand within the BladeSystem
enclosure, so you can reclaim over-provisioned power and cooling capacity without impacting performance. Together, they track location, power, and cooling to give you better insight across your data center for the highest efficiency possible.
Simplified management with HPE OneView delivers unprecedented ease of use, so you can deploy and manage HPE BladeSystem faster, at lower cost, and at greater scale. HPE OneView is the first software platform that creates a modern and integrated workspace for automated lifecycle management of HPE BladeSystem. HPE OneView reduces the needs for multiple management tools and non-management tools, streamlining processes and eliminating common sources of errors.

HPE BladeSystem is the one platform that you can rely on to run virtually any workload at the cost, speed, and reliability your enterprise demands. Only Hewlett Packard Enterprise gives you the simplicity and freedom through the path to Composable to build IT that’s truly optimized for your business—compute solutions for every-day workloads, converged systems for high-intensity virtualized or cloud workloads, even an entire converged data center. All built on the same HPE BladeSystem foundation, delivered on premise or as a service and backed by Hewlett Packard Enterprise, the worldwide leader in virtualization infrastructure.