HPE Proliant Servers

HPE Proliant Servers

The New Style of IT is driving a tectonic shift in the industry. Industry analysts report that the server is being commoditized. They’re right. The server as we know it, and the incremental, generational approach to it, will no longer suffice to address the business problems of today and tomorrow.

A new model is needed. One that allows exponential utilization of data, and the dynamic ability to turn applications and services on and off on a per-user basis, while keeping operational costs flat, or declining. One that delivers a new innovation curve; one that provides end-to-end compute power from edge-to-core, up and down an integrated workload stack, and with an advanced set of economics and automated operational approaches.

HPE and its customers are reimagining the server and thinking “compute”, an evolution from the traditional server approach to converged, software-defined, cloud-ready, and workload-optimized technology platforms. Leveraging compute—a vast pool of processing resources that can be located anywhere, scaled to any workload, and available at all times— one can accelerate IT service delivery, lower costs, and fuel business growth. And HPE ProLiant rack and tower servers represent the industry’s trusted portfolio of multi-workload servers built for today and tomorrow.

HPE ProLiant Gen9 rack servers, the DL family of severs, are the most flexible, reliable, and performance-optimized ProLiant rack servers ever. As HPE continue to provide industry-leading compute innovations, the new HPE ProLiant Gen9 rack portfolio, with flexible choices and versatile design, along with improved energy efficiencies, ultimately lowers your total cost of ownership (TCO). Integrated with a simplified, but comprehensive management suite and industry-leading support, the ProLiant Gen9 rack portfolio delivers a more reliable, fast, and secure infrastructure solution, helps increase IT staff productivity, and accelerates service delivery. In addition, the rack portfolio is performance-optimized for multi-application workloads to significantly increase the speed of IT operations and enable IT to respond to business needs of any size, faster.

HPE ProLiant Gen9 tower servers, the ML family of servers, deliver simple, efficient business value. Industry-leading compute innovations in the new HPE ProLiant Gen9 Tower portfolio include simple management and storage tools, along with proven configurations that provide easy remote access and improved energy efficiency to lower your TCO. Integrated with a simplified but comprehensive management suite and industry leading support, the ProLiant Gen9 tower portfolio delivers more business value and helps increase IT staff productivity and expedite service delivery. In addition, the complete, right-sized tower portfolio includes financing options, a service, and channel network to significantly increase the speed of IT operations and enable IT to respond to business needs faster.

Why choose HPE rack and tower servers?

To meet the growing demands of your business, HPE ProLiant rack and tower servers redefine compute economics by delivering more compute and storage capacity, right-sized compute with flexible choices, and lower compute energy and floor space consumption. With HPE ProLiant rack and tower servers, you can accelerate your business results with faster compute, memory, and I/O performance, coupled with increased storage and networking performance—including lower latency.