Kern develops integrated systems for document processing and packaging for medium and large companies. As one of the leading suppliers, Kern develops innovative document inserting and document management solutions so that you are always one step ahead of the continuously changing situation in the market.

Innovation is a tradition at Kern. For over 60 years Kern has developed, manufactured and sold precision systems for the processing and inserting of documents. Since Kern was founded by Marc Kern in 1947, the company has remained a family enterprise; now in its second generation, it is owned and managed by Uli Kern. With its roots in the Bernese village of Konolfingen, the Swiss company quickly established a superb reputation beyond the country's borders. Today Kern is active all across the globe: its tailor-made hardware and software solutions and its service-oriented, customer-friendly approach are highly appreciated on every continent.

Together, Kern establishes your requirements and works out an individually tailored solution for your company - and this all over the world. For over 50 years now Kern has been working with continuous success to make sure that the right information reaches their customers at the right time.

At Kern, four different business units offer products which, taken together, provide a complete range of state-of-the-art solutions. For every customer requirement, Kern has a professional solution. This palette of products ensures that all of your information reaches the right people expeditiously and securely.

  • Inserting Solutions/High-Speed Inserting Systems
  • Products for Digital Print Solutions/Solutions for pre- and post processing for document inserting processes
  • Software Solutions/Individually tailored software solutions for optimum process monitoring of the Kern mailFactory
  • Card Processing Solutions

Kern’s resounding success can be attributed to an unbroken chain of innovative development, to incomparable processing quality based on top-notch technology and to the refined design of its systems. All of this is rounded out by comprehensive service to the customer. The fact that Kern are on the right path has been confirmed time and time again in the form of various prizes and awards. Kern are constantly striving to improve and to stay the leader in its field - in keeping with their tradition.

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