Storage and Tape

Ready to Speed Applications and Save Space?

Only Oracle’s application engineered storage is coengineered with Oracle software to accelerate applications, increase efficiency, and improve management.

SAN Systems

Oracle FS1 Flash Storage System provides enterprise-grade SAN storage built on the most intelligent and granular flash tiering to accelerate critical applications, enable secure consolidation, and reduce TCO.

The Oracle FS1-2 flash storage system, Oracle’s premier preferred SAN storage solution, delivers enterprise-grade storage capabilities that are optimized for flash media and coengineered with Oracle software. Using the Quality of Service Plus (QoS Plus) feature, the Oracle FS1-2 flash storage system places data across flash and disk storage to maximize performance, efficiency, and cost based on usage profiles and business priorities. The Oracle FS1-2 flash storage system takes application-engineered storage to a new level by providing out-of-the-box tuned storage provisioning profiles for Oracle Database and key applications, including Microsoft SharePoint and Exchange. With the Oracle FS1-2 flash storage system, you can consolidate storage while achieving predictable performance for multiple diverse workloads in enterprise computing or multitenant environments.

Key Features

• Co-engineered with Oracle Database, Oracle Applications, and Oracle VM
• One-click provisioning of Oracle Database and key Oracle Applications
• Enterprise-grade SAN storage hardware and software with no single point of failure
• QoS Plus tunes data placement and access priority based on business value
• Optimized for flash and expandable with disk drives
• All inside-the-box software included at no extra cost

Key Benefits

• Maximized return on Oracle software investments
• Enterprise-grade storage availability for mission-critical applications
• Simultaneously optimize efficiency, performance, and cost according to business value

NAS Systems

The Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance family delivers enterprise-class data services, file and block-level support, scale, and performance. These systems have the industry's most comprehensive analytics environment provided by the DTrace Analytics feature, an innovative real-time instrumentation tool that helps isolate and resolve issues to minimize impact to your business.

These systems are built on an innovative Hybrid Storage Pool architecture, another feature of Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance, which automatically optimizes performance by managing tiering among DRAM, flash, and disk—consolidating systems and lowering your power and cooling requirements.

Two controller models are available in the Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance family:
- Oracle ZFS Storage ZS3-2: The midrange enterprise multiprotocol storage system, which is ideal for use in performance-intensive workloads at an attractive price point
- Oracle ZFS Storage ZS4-4: The higher-end midrange multiprotocol storage system for workloads demanding extreme performance and scalability at an attractive price

Both models use the same intelligent storage OS and enterprise SAS disk enclosures, but feature different storage controllers to meet the appropriate level of performance required for particular environments.

Customer Benefits

Optimized for Oracle Applications

Oracle’s premier application-engineered storage for multiprotocol environments delivers extreme performance, superior efficiency, and deep Oracle integration.
Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance is designed to run applications fast and more efficiently, increase business and IT productivity, save valuable resources, and reduce risk—lowering total cost
of ownership. Furthermore, codevelopment with Oracle Database maximizes your return on Oracle software investments.

Easy to deploy, analyze, and optimize

Provisioning and management are dramatically simplified in Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance with an easy-to-use management interface that requires no additional training and takes the guesswork out of system installation, configuration, and tuning. DTrace Analytics is an intuitive analytical environment that provides storage administrators with the tools to optimize the configuration of their storage system and maximize performance to address their application requirements.

Rapidly diagnose, troubleshoot, and resolve issues

DTrace Analytics provides real-time analysis of Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance and of the enterprise network, from the storage system to the clients accessing the data. This unprecedented capability permits administrators to quickly find and troubleshoot issues affecting system performance, minimizing impact to business productivity. The data can be saved for further analysis to better understand network, application, and system behavior.