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Migrate with confidence

Support for Windows 2003 is coming to an end. With 30,000 Global Consulting and Support experts and 29,000 joint HP/Microsoft partners, HP and Megabyte have the largest network of professionals ready to help plan, design, implement, manage and support your migration. As the industry leader in Windows infrastructure and with over 30 years of Microsoft solution expertise, HP is uniquely positioned to help you migrate with confidence. HP delivers the right compute for the right operating system for the right workload.

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For Enterprises:

- Migrate confidentially and standardize with our help.

- Modern, standard infrastructure platforms minimizing migration risk and costs.

- HP offers the experience and know-how that comes from its 25-year collaborative relationship with Microsoft.

For SMBs:

- For small and midsize businesses, migrating to WS2012 is the initial requirement to establishing a sustainable competitive advantage.

- Customers, suppliers and employees expect to engage with SMBs today anywhere and any time.

- Modernizing for small and midsize businesses today is not an option. Staying in business requires supporting a mobile organization.

Key benefits for you:

By modernizing, customers can significantly reduce expenses, increase flexibility, and improve customer experience and service levels on older applications.

Customers can realize new efficiencies for their infrastructure that will enable them to innovate, adapt and unleash new business value.

For further information, kindly contact Ivan Muscat on +356 21421600 or by email at ivan.muscat@megabyte.net