Web Application Security Scanning for the Modern World

Discover security holes in even the most complex applications

While today’s malicious attackers pursue a variety of goals, they share a preferred channel of attack - the millions of custom web, mobile, and cloud applications companies deploy to serve their customers. AppSpider dynamically assesses these applications for vulnerabilities across all modern technologies, provides tools that speed remediation, and monitors applications for changes. Keep your applications safe and secure now and moving forward.

Know your weak points

AppSpider automatically finds vulnerabilities across a wide range of applications - from the relatively simple to the most complex - and it includes unique capabilities that enable teams to automate more of the security testing program across the entire software development lifecycle, from development through production.

Prioritize What Matters Most

AppSpider includes interactive actionable reports that prioritize the highest risk and streamline remediation efforts by enabling users to quickly get to and analyze the data that matters most. With one click, you can drill deep into a vulnerability to get more information and replay attacks in real-time.


Improve Your Position

In order to improve your overall security posture, you need a high-level view of your application security program that enables you to see where things stand. AppSpider enables centralized control, automation, and interoperability over all aspects of an enterprise web application security program, including: continuous scanning configuration, user permissions, scheduling, and monitoring. In addition, AppSpider includes trends and analysis data to help collaborate with all stakeholders to ensure your security posture is improving.