SMART Board® Interactive Display for Schools

Interactive Displays: Unparalleled collaborative experience

Extraordinary Expenses for Scholastic Year 2020/2021 due to COVID-19 The injection of funds being provided to schools will help cover the capital and operational expenditure incurred by independent schools to be able to open their doors for students with coronavirus mitigation measures in place.

The goal is to allow schools to create digital educational centers aimed at guaranteeing and supporting the growth of students' skills through new learning methods, also in line with the need to adapt spaces to reduce the risk of contagion.

The creation of digital learning centers focuses on the importance of involving students by differentiating their learning experiences and promoting the continuity of learning in any way, place and time it occurs.

To meet the emerging needs at this time, every school needs tools that favor high quality lessons, whether they are face to face or remotely, with a complete class or in small groups, face to face or remotely, synchronously or asynchronously.

SMART Board® Interactive Displays: Unparalleled collaborative experience

SMART's range of high-quality interactive displays provide exceptional value at a great price, so classrooms and students are more connected, and learning is more engaging.

SMART offers an interactive solution fully integrated with the Google, Microsoft and learning management system platforms your teachers already use, and your schools have invested in.

    • Includes SMART Ink®; write over videos and into PDFs, Microsoft Office® documents or websites, then save notes into almost any file type.
    • Log in using a school Microsoft® account
    • Create, edit, deliver and share lessons from your SMART Board interactive display directly within Microsoft® Teams.

SMART Board® MX, available in 55", 65”, 75” and 85”, offers an unparalleled interactive experience through an intuitive way of use.

    • Access all your applications directly from the SMART Board interactive display.
    • Intuitive interaction: writing with pens, moving and manipulating objects with the fingers, eraser or palm and fist.
    • Built-in iQ Android™ computing lets you deliver lessons, browse the web, use the whiteboard, access apps, screenshare and more, without using a connected device.
    • No more tool selection or mode switching – multiple students can write, move, gesture and erase all at once, without tool selection or mode switching to interrupt the flow of learning.

The SMART Learning Suite provides teachers with tools to create learning spaces that foster interaction and collaboration: in the classroom, in groups, at a distance or in person.

With industry-leading touch, inking and personalization features, the SMART Board® MX is an investment in seamless interactivity that you can count on for years to come. And an incredibly easy user experience means minimal training time and tech support.

Teachers want simplicity, and the SMART Board® MX delivers

    • Measure student understanding with formative assessments, distribute individual digital assignments  so each student can learn at their own pace.
    • Easily create collaborative workspaces and game-based activities to make lessons more engaging and more interactive while using familiar platform.
    • Check student understanding and knowledge by instantly viewing class and group performance reports.
    • Get instant feedback on student understanding without interrupting the lesson flow.

Learning becomes more meaningful as the student's role passes from simple use to collaborative content creation, thus becoming the protagonist of his or her learning.

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