Megabyte Monitoring System

Deal with issues before they become emergencies

Megabyte's Monitoring System offers you peace of mind.

All your devices and indeed your entire IT infrastructure can be monitored by our staff, generating alarms should any issues be detected and preventing possible downtime and loss of business..

Our CRM service automatically creates a ticket when an issue on a system occurs.

All work which takes place to resolve the issue is tracked and an complete history of every issue and subsequent action related to the device is audited.

What can our system do:

Megabyte's Monitoring System can provide details about:

  • Issues
  • Performance
  • Usage trends

Why is monitoring critical for your business?

Network monitoring is essential for companies of all sizes. This tool ensures that you are notified of any issues with your systems. Furthermore, it will enable you to maximise the efficiency of your devices by tracking consumption, bandwith etc.

What can MMS monitor?

  • Hardware (Servers and Network equipment
  • Bespoke Hardware (Cold Rooms, Fridges, and PV panels)
  • Software (Operating Systems, Databases, Cloud Technologies and  SNMP enabled software

For further information regarding Megabyte's Monitoring system, please contact our team on 21 421600 or by email at