Megabyte successfully completes upgrade project for Seifert Systems Malta

Seifert Systems has more than 50 years’ experience in its field and manufactures 35,000 industrial cooling and heating systems annually at its 11,500-square-meter production facility. The company supplies all major global markets through a worldwide sales and service network.

Further to Megabyte’s initial implementation of Oracle E-Business Suite at Seifert, a solution was requested in order to maximize the functionality of their ERP. Furthermore their current load required additional hardware to sustain their growing infrastructure.

After closely examining the current architecture and the day-to-day activity of their system, Megabyte recommended that Seifert upgrade their database to a more recent version and appropriate additional hardware was proposed. Both these critical aspects would ensure an enhancement in the performance of their ERP whilst also minimizing possible downtimes.

This highly structured upgrade was successfully rolled out by Megabyte’s experienced team, enabling Seifert to become one of Oracle’s few ERP clients using this version.

The completion of this project has ensured that Seifert can benefit from improved productivity, performance, and manageability of their system whilst also allowing them to maximize the potential of the additional hardware implemented. Seifert have benefitted from additional functionality which will be available for their growing operation and has enabled them to be cloud ready, placing them at the forefront of database technology particularly in the local manufacturing segment.


Here is what the client had to say about the project:

“We ended our fiscal year 2018 with a version of Oracle’s E-Business Suite which was close to 8 years old. Apart from support soon ceasing, the performance of the system was limiting the efficiency of some tasks. Workarounds devised over the years had started to lose their effectiveness to various degrees, and it was clear that an upgrade to the latest version was inevitable. A move to an alternative ERP system would have required more significant financial investment as well as discarding vested effort, both of which were avoided with Megabyte’s solution.

Today, we are in the safe knowledge of having support for the expected lifetime of the software, as well as being able to speed up and otherwise optimize our system processes both by taking advantage of new hardware, as well as through refinements in the latest software.

Like with any major software project we hit occasional roadblocks, however the continued effort from the Megabyte team, on a number of occasions through the night, meant that the upgrade was completed successfully without any unforeseen down time for our end users or our production facility.

We would like to highly commend the entire Megabyte team for their work throughout the implementation, and heartily recommend their services for any future projects.” – Philipp Seifert, Business Analyst – Seifert Systems Malta.

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