Services and Outsourcing

One supplier to address all your IT requirements

Allowing you the peace of mind you require to focus on your business

Megabyte understands that private enterprise, government and the public sector must exploit new and evolving technologies to stay ahead and in control of their operations. In fact, Megabyte has developed a workforce with a variety of skills to deliver solutions based on diverse products from multiple vendors into one robust IT system.

In addition, Megabyte is able to integrate critical and complex business systems using the latest enterprise software. With its own software development team, it can design and develop custom-made software to configure and integrate completely customized solutions.

Megabyte also possesses a comprehensive capability to address every aspect of data storage needs, server and network integration, together with expertise in desktop client design. These capabilities in various aspects of ICT have always been highly regarded by Megabyte's international partners with whom it has had a long standing relationship.

Outsourcing your IT services

Leave it up to the experts

Not every organisation has enough resources to cater for an internal IT team, geared up to handle the daily technical requirements of their business. Outsourcing your IT services reduces your operational costs, allowing you to conserve your capital and focus on your core business activity.

Furthermore, the knowledge that your entire IT requirements are being handled by one company whose technical staff are experienced and qualified, will offer you the peace of mind you need to concentrate on making your business successful.