Backup and Storage

Oracle Database Backup Service

A Robust and Scalable Oracle Database Backup Storage Solution

Oracle Database Backup Service is a secure, scalable, on-demand storage solution for backing up Oracle databases to the public cloud.

Oracle Database Backup Service complements your existing backup strategy by providing an off-site storage location in the cloud.There are no up-front capital costs or hardware expenses. Storage management and data transfer complexities are handled by the service, not by database administrators. Administrators use the familiar RMAN (Oracle Recovery Manager) interface to perform backup and restore operations, so there’s no need to learn new tools or commands. If you know how to back up to tape or disk, you know how to back up to the cloud.

Oracle Database Backup Service is easy to get and easy to use. Your data is always available and always secure, and you can quickly increase storage capacity when needed.


  • Simple. Oracle Database Backup Service provides an easy and convenient option to store database backup data in the cloud which can be accessible over the Internet.
  • Offsite Storage. By storing database backups in the cloud, the data is protected from local failures and available immediately for recovery when needed.
  • Cost effective. Simple and low cost cloud backup with no additional license cost for using the service.
  • Faster Deployment. Download a client side backup module and integrate with the Recovery Manager (RMAN) and start to perform cloud based backup and recovery operations using the familiar RMAN commands within minutes by just configuring the destination to the Oracle cloud.
  • End-to-End Security. Backup data is encrypted at the source with keys kept locally, optionally compressed, securely transmitted to the cloud which enables end-to-end security, reliability and data protection.
  • High Reliability. Whenever data is written to the Oracle Database Backup Service, it is replicated across multiple storage nodes within the same region. This replication strategy ensures that data is protected from hardware failures and data corruption.
  • On-demand Storage. The elastic nature of the Oracle Database Backup Service allows businesses to buy more storage capacity on demand as their need increases.
  • Continuous Accessibility. Backups stored in the Oracle Database Backup Service are always accessible – much in the same way local disk backups are. Restores are faster and the down time is reduced from days to hours/minutes compared to cases where tapes must be retrieved from the offsite storage location.
  • Unlimited Scaling and No Up-front Capital Expense. Oracle Database Backup Service provides virtually unlimited capacity with no up-front capital expenditure. Consequently, users need not worry about provisioning adequate tapes or local storage to hold the required backup data.
  • Easy Provisioning of Test and Dev Environments. As Cloud Backups are accessible from anywhere via the Internet, the backups can be used to quickly clone databases to create custom test, development, or QA environments
  • Seamless Migration between On-Prem and Oracle Cloud. Part of Oracle's strategy of making on-premise and public cloud look exactly the same so customers have full choice and can easily move from on-premise to cloud or vice-versa.
  • End-to-End Support. No more multi-vendor support complexity. Oracle provides support for both the client-side as well as the Oracle cloud for faster resolution.