Consultancy Services

We offer a diverse range of services aimed at assisting our customers in choosing the most effective solution for their ICT needs, covering both hardware and software requirements and also outsourcing of services.

We are actively involved in providing management consultancy, particularly in the areas of information strategy, planning and integration. Megabyte's management consultancy team is in the advantageous position of being able to draw on Megabyte's extensive resources and expertise in systems design and implementation. We utilise our capabilities to provide strategic directions, architectural concepts and management techniques in full knowledge of the latest available technologies and their business implications. Our management consultants have experience across various industry sectors, combining senior management experience with a clear understanding of Information Technology.

As organisations grow and change, there is the need to review existing management structures to ensure that they continue to meet business needs. We can also help you re-engineer your business processes and fine-tune your operations to save you valuable time, money and resources.

The effectiveness and efficiency of business processes in companies is the focus of Megabyte’s Business Process Re-engineering (BPR) services. The rapid developments in enabling technology, changing customer needs and demands, as well as business pressure to control costs, continue to promote the need for ever-changing process improvements. Experienced Megabyte consultants investigate strategies, processes and systems and identify potential for improvement.

Our business process re-engineering services include:

  • Process design and development
  • Process modelling
  • Process analysis
  • Process simulation
  • Process implementation support

The core processes are viewed end-to-end and are analysed, identifying strengths and weaknesses, as well as improvement potential. This overview of strategies, processes and systems facilitates the creation of a sound implementation plan with prioritized areas, quick-wins, realization plans and cost estimates.

With our Capacity and Project Planning services, we produce a project plan and discuss with the customer to make sure that resources from our end and from the customer's end are available and that execution of the project will not impact the live environment. Milestones are set and explained to the customer. During execution of the project, regular meetings are held in order to solve any issues and make sure that the project is on plan.

Rightsizing IT infrastructure is a strategic imperative. At Megabyte we understand that the ever-changing variety of hardware and software component options can make the formulation of a proper Data Centre setup quite daunting to all but the most apt IT systems engineer.

Through the tools available to Megabyte, as a result of our direct channel to our Partners’ resources, coupled with the extensive experience in assessing client application and system performance requirements, we can define hardware, storage and bandwidth sizing to meet clients' operational needs in a foreseeable time window.

Please contact our Infrastructure and Engineering Business Unit to find out how we can help rationalise your ICT sizing requirements.