Data Centre Infrastructure

Megabyte's Data Centre Infrastructure Services

A data centre is a facility used to store computer systems and associated components, generally including redundant or backup power supplies, redundant data communications connections, environmental controls  and various security devices.

No matter the size of the facility you require, whether it is a small IT Room or a larger site to host your live or disaster recovery site, we can guide you to your goal. Every size location presents its individual challenges which must be addressed in order for it to host your IT estate.

We base our Data Centre Infrastructure pre and post sales services on these 7 fundamental principles:


Our Data Centre Infrastructure services follow these steps one by one in a logical and organised manner, to deliver the right solution in line with your needs, expectations and of course, budget.

While each step is equally important and vital, the first 2 stages are particularly important as they will affect the outcome of your Data Centre design. We consult with you and analyse every idea you have on the way you want your Data Centre to be set up or operated, and analyse them to better understand your intentions. Any requirements which are not feasible, or will adversely impact your operations, will be highlighted and we will offer you alternatives.

The design stage is where we excel. We put our skills together to produce a blue-print of your future infrastructure complete with details of the components (hardware / software / services) used and interaction between them. This phase will also see us presenting our business cases to the various suppliers, whose solutions will make up our offer, in a bid to obtain the best discount levels possible for you. A thorough demonstration of all the components will follow, to enable you to have a better understanding of what was chosen and how it will eventually work.

The implementation and support phases see us installing and configuring your setup according to the terms agreed. During installation, we work closely with your IT team which will also act as the first level of basic training and handover to you. Different hardware and software components are setup in different ways and all these configurations will be documented and presented to you upon handover.

The support phase is the post-sales stage, where we will be working in parallel with you via our Managed Services and Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity Services to ensure the smooth running of your operations.

Services and tools included in this suite are:

  • Consultancy Services
  • Analysis and Security Services
  • HP Proliant and Integrity Servers
  • Storage Arrays and Storage Network infrastructure
  • Data and Network cabinets
  • High-Availability systems
  • UNIX operating systems(Tru64, HPUX, Linux)
  • OpenVMS operating system
  • Windows Server systems including migration planning and execution
  • CISCO Networking Products
  • HP Networking Products
  • Network Implementation, Management and Support Services
  • Structured Cabling system
  • Internet & Intranet systems and services
  • Datacard plastic card technology
  • Zebra and Printronix printing solution
  • Socomec – Sicon Power Solutions
  • VMware Virtualisation solutions
  • Hyper-V Virtualisation Solutions
  • Veeam Backup and Replication Solutions
  • Environment monitoring systems

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