Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

Megabyte's Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Services

Megabyte offers DR and BC services to a variety of businesses operating in diverse industry sectors. We are aware that many business leaders are constantly worried by perceived and unforeseen threats to their operation and have specifically designed these services to assist them in the continuation of business processes and disaster mitigation. We are able to design and implement a Business Continuity Plan that will be flexible enough to evolve and adapt with your business and continuity requirement. The ultimate aim of such a plan will be to ensure that business critical information systems, enabled by complex IT systems, can be sustained and operated reliably, in fluctuating economic conditions.

Business interruptions can result from a number of causes, the most common being hardware failure, restricted access to your premises, electronic theft either by foreign or domestic parties, and damage by vandalism or natural causes.

Megabyte has compiled a series of services designed to assist businesses who have experienced some form of disaster, to continue their operations in the fastest possible manner therefore minimizing any losses. We cover all aspects of DR and BC from the provisioning of replacement hardware to restoration and testing of backups from tapes or other media.

Depending on the level of engagement, Megabyte can offer you a co-location service in our Data Centre to host your Disaster Recovery site including the provisioning of seats and equipment for your core employees to temporarily relocate to.

The components of our DR and BC services are:

  • DRReadiness Test Service*
  • Disaster Tolerance Service
  • Disaster Prevention Service
  • Hosting and Co-location
  • Provisioning of hardware and software (Business Continuity)
  • Provisioning of premises and equipment (Business Continuity)
  • Data Restoration and testing service (Business Continuity)
  • Data Backup service
  • Data Safeguard Service (Media repository)

*Our most regular service is the DR Readiness Test, whereby we will jointly restore your data (off tapes and other media) onto hardware which we provide in isolation from your live setup. This data can be analysed for integrity and corruption. This exercise will also quantify your potential downtime as hardware provisioning, data restoration, testing and deployment can be accurately timed.

We strongly recommend that such an exercise be carried out at least twice a year and this would be held at Megabyte’s premises.

Our DR Readiness Test can be purchased in tandem with the Data Safeguard service, our media repository service. If required, we can hold this test at your premises at an extra cost.