Managed Services

Managed Services

We have customised our service offerings to be able to offer our solutions to our clients that are more cost effective reducing expenses and improving operations.

Together with our managed and outsourcing services, our skills, knowledge and client experience, today we are in a position to propose the following services to you:

  • System Monitoring
  • System Administration
  • Systems Management
  • Data Backup and Restoration
  • Network Management
  • Application Management

We base our Managed Services on 5 fundamental principals: MONITORING, IMPROVEMENT, MAINTENANCE, REPORTING, SUPPORT

Each of our solutions is customised per individual client and each customer can outsource all or part of their IT operations to us – from the desktop estate to his Data Centre.

We offer different levels of availability from 8/5 x 5 to 24/7 x 365 with varied levels of response times ranging from next business day to 1 hour on site. Supporting you remotely or on premise, our team of vendor qualified engineers will treat your systems and information with the same level of ownership we treat ours.

Whether your IT environment is physical or virtual, and no matter what software application you are running on top of your infrastructure, you can depend on Megabyte as your Managed Service Provider partner.

All our managed services offerings are bound and governed by an N.D.A.