Data SafeGuard Service

Data Safeguard Service

Our Data Safeguard service is your off-site data repository for any storage medium including tapes, hard drives, CD’s and DVD’s. It is access controlled, intruder and fire protected and offers a full audit trail.

Access to the building is controlled and audited. Additionally, access to the repository is restricted to your dedicated Data engineer and yourself. The path to your data is supervised and recorded by CCTV. Your media is stored in your reserved plot. Our transportation follows strict policies which dictate sealed tamper-proof containers and vehicles that are free of magnetism and the elements. On top of that, we provide insurance during the transfers. Dedicated point-to-point logistics guarantee that only YOUR information is transported at that moment in time.

We provide you with monthly reports that include transfer timings, personnel involved, sealing information and we invite you to call at our office adhoc to verify all this in person. This service can also be used in conjunction with our Megabyte Restore services where we provide the hardware and assistance should you need to recover data or test your backups.