Megabyte Monitoring System

Megabyte’s Monitoring System offers peace of mind at a time when you need it most

Why is monitoring critical for your business?

Network monitoring is essential for companies of all sizes. Megabyte’s Monitoring System is a tool which ensures that you are notified of any issues with your systems. Furthermore, it will enable you to maximise the efficiency of your devices by tracking consumption and bandwidth.

Under the current challenging circumstances, we understand that many businesses are taking the necessary precautionary measures by closing their offices/ factories and operating from home.

Whilst this scenario helps companies to continue with their business, this may however create situations where the operational activity of the company’s machinery and equipment, IOT and IT devices are unmonitored. Should these devices develop issues which are not detected and addressed in a timely manner, this will inevitably result in disruption and possible down time.

Megabyte’s Monitoring System offers you peace of mind, allowing you to focus on your core business in the safe knowledge that any issue which may arise will be pre-empted.

Megabyte can provide a solution that will ensure that your devices are working effectively and efficiently. Megabyte’s Monitoring System will allow you to work remotely in the safe knowledge that you will be notified of any issues which need to be addressed. Once an issue is detected, the system will generate an alarm and automatically create a ticket to track all subsequent actions taking place.

Furthermore Megabyte’s Monitoring System can also support you in preventing issues from occurring in the first place by having pre-determined thresholds for enhanced preventive measures. All of this will increase savings on operational and maintenance costs and above all provide peace of mind.

Megabyte’s Monitoring System can oversee anything within your infrastructure including:

  • Hardware incl. servers & network equipment.
  • Bespoke hardware incl. PV panels, cold rooms, solar farms and IOT devices.
  • Software incl. operating systems, databases and cloud technologies.

Considering the fact that businesses may be wary of investing during such critical times, Megabyte are offering an exceptional price for the MMS standard package of €450 for setup and installation. Furthermore the first 10 nodes (individual items of infrastructure being monitored) are being offered completely free of charge. Additional nodes and upgraded packages are also being offered at discounted rates. This offer is valid for companies who on board until the end of April 2020.

Various models available 

Megabyte’s Monitoring System is available to be purchased in 3 different options:

Model 1: MMS Hosted and Managed by Megabyte

Model 2: MMS Hosted by Megabyte; Managed by Client

Model 3: MMS Hosted and Managed by Client

Megabyte’s Sales Team would be very happy to schedule a remote meeting/ demo to discuss your business needs better. They may be contacted by phone on 21 421600 or by email at