Airline Software Solutions

Airline Software Solutions

Expert route profitability and cost management solution for aviation experts

Megabyte’s airline software solution is an effective tool which an airline’s management can use to make the organisation more efficient. Megabyte regards this route profitability solution as invaluable for carriers who are seeking to control and monitor their operational costs, whilst maximising revenue. ALMIRA was designed and built specifically for the airline industry.

Through ALMIRA, airlines are able to capture operational flight information and convert it into financial information by integrating with the company’s financial system.

Route profitability

ALMIRA also interfaces with the airline’s revenue accounting and flight operation systems so that revenue, costs and statistics can be reported from one centralized database.


  • Extends the power of an airline's core business applications and ERPs (Enterprise Applications)
  • Enhances workflow, facilitating management accounting practices
  • Data collation efforts are greatly reduced, creating more time for data analysis
  • Predicts and estimates the profitability of an airline’s operation while providing accurate information for analysis, planning and decision making purposes
  • Complete flexibility to define cost components and their occurrences within flight and route parameters
  • Produces detailed DOC provisions for accrual and invoice verification purposes
  • Interfaces with an airline’s existing systems to create one centralized database through which complete and accurate route profitability reports can be issued
  • Non-technical users can build customized reports to suit their current business needs
  • All data is captured on a per flight basis facilitating the reporting of route results without the need for manual intervention or allocation
  • Supports ‘what-if’ analysis allowing management to strategize more advantageous plans

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