Business Intelligence

There is increasing evidence that the use of business analytics solutions can improve efficiencies. The need for improved performance management and compliance is driving investment in new processes, staff, and technology that enable fact-based, actionable decision making by an even broader set of decision makers from all ranks of an organisation.

Simply put, Business Intelligence (BI) means getting the right information to the right people at the right time, with a high level of confidence in the data. While it sounds simple, many organisations struggle to deliver on the promise of BI systems. Usually, the culprit is a combination of poor strategy, inconsistent data, disparate data sources, lack of governance, and a hodgepodge of reporting tools.

True enterprise BI requires a strategic approach, one that looks at the entire lifecycle of data. From source system to the end user, successful BI solutions ensure that the final output (dashboard, report, etc.) is accurate, reliable, and meaningful to the business.

Oracle Business Intelligence Foundation Suite, a comprehensive, modern and market-leading BI platform provides the industry's best in class platform. Its enabling technology for custom and packaged business intelligence applications helps organizations drive innovation, and optimize processes while, delivering extreme performance. Read more about Oracle Business Intelligence Foundation Suite.

Oracle Business Intelligence Standard Edition One is an affordable suite of BI tools that help generate powerful insight easily and cost-effectively. The insight generated with Oracle Business Intelligence Standard Edition One also enables one to make better, faster, business decisions. Read more  Oracle Business Intelligence Standard Edition One.

Microsoft offers a full range of business intelligence solutions that work together to form a comprehensive, end-to-end solution with the scalability and vision to help people drive their business forward. By utilizing Microsoft products such as the Microsoft Office system and SharePoint Server, employees are able to collect, analyze, and share the information seamlessly.