Oracle Business Intelligence Cloud Service

Your business is changing. Are you prepared for it?

Can you quickly access all the information you need to analyze, from both inside and outside your organization, to understand what’s happening? Does it take too much heavy lifting to get answers to what you thought were simple questions? And are you confident enough in the results of your analysis to make decisions and take action?

In every industry, professionals like you are seeking new business analytics solutions to help answer these questions—new solutions that:

  • Make it possible to analyze any data, at any time, to get a complete picture – in the moment, when it matters
  • Are accessible regardless of location or device
  • Are fast, easy, and flexible, yet robust, well-governed, and secure

In other words, a solution that offers the power and breadth of world-class analytics in an environment that is so friendly anyone can use it. Traditionally, systems like this require a significant investment of time and resources, which is often cost prohibitive.

Oracle Business Intelligence (BI) Cloud Service breaks that tradition, offering a fast, flexible solution that empowers users to answer new questions in the moment, while providing the security, scalability, and performance you expect in a market-leading analytics platform. Together with the world-class Oracle Database as a Cloud Service (DBaaS), BI Cloud Service enables users to analyze and understand their data like never before, offering new capabilities that automatically translate complicated analysis into intuitive visualizations - all in the cloud, and all at a predictable, low cost. With Oracle BI Cloud Service, you can load and combine diverse data with a click, to find out not only what happened, but why, and to make sure everyone shares that understanding – anytime, anywhere.


Cloud computing and analytics are an ideal match. Analytics is about delivering the right information to the right people at the right time, and the cloud provides an agile way to access data and applications.

Across every organization, people are looking for faster, easier ways to analyze information. Business users expect to be able to navigate, explore, and discover what’s in the data—no matter whether it’s the current, carefully managed data already in enterprise systems, or content from diverse sources, internal and external. They need to be able to upload their own files and combine them with gold-standard corporate data, to easily see and understand what’s going on in their business. And, in the age of cloud, mobile, and self-service, they expect to be guided through a dialog with the data, so they can quickly see new patterns, answer new questions, and uncover new insights. At the same time, IT wants a platform that delivers more value, faster—without compromising data integrity or security. Speed, simplicity, and ease of use are key considerations for both groups. So are governance and transparency, which are essential to ensure the results self-service analysis can be used for decision-making with the same confidence as corporate dashboards and reports.


Making rich, easy-to-use analytics available to everyone leads to more people uncovering better insights faster, which drives improved decision making and more positive outcomes.

The challenge has been how to do that without analytics becoming a free-for-all, where everyone has access to diverse data, and everyone is coming to contrasting and inconsistent conclusions. Until recently, there hasn’t been a BI solution that offers users the ability to ‘do it themselves’ in the context of governance and transparency. This translates to organizations everywhere having a mixed bag of analytics that includes sanctioned shadow BI, with different departments using disparate desktop tools to perform ad hoc analysis. The irony is that these ad hoc efforts frequently come home to roost, requiring a centralized, curated approach to rationalize the data and unravel the results.


Today, IT often gets the short end of the stick: expected to THE POWER TO DELIVER innovate and serve the lines of business with flat or falling budgets. Almost 70% of the budget they do have is tied up in simply keeping the lights on. Analytics is also a part of the equation – and with spend shifting to other departments as business demands increase, there is an ever growing need for faster analysis of more data, by more users, at lower costs.

Oracle BI Cloud Service provides IT, and the whole organization, with a powerful platform that supports the entire analytic process – delivering an enterprise-class solution without enterprise-class maintenance or costs.


With the most complete, modern, flexible and secure enterprise cloud deployment and market-leading BI technology, proven by thousands of customers, Oracle BI Cloud Service puts a best-in-class analytics solution at your fingertips, so you can restore balance—to your business, and to your budget.

The Ultimate Cloud: Complete Computing, One Vendor

Only Oracle provides a complete, end-to-end cloud solution, from data center to infrastructure to applications. In the Oracle Public Cloud, there are no third-party vendors hosting, virtualizing, managing, troubleshooting, handling, uploading, downloading, or transporting your data. Only Oracle engineers hardware and software to work together as the foundation of comprehensive cloud services that address customer needs, from infrastructure to information. This environment provides the security, power, and functionality necessary for enterprise-class cloud BI.


Best-in-class capabilities give you the best of classic and new, and let you provide users with a single analytics solution across the enterprise. Oracle BI Cloud Service offers the features you want to do the kind of analysis you need. It also delivers additional functionality to help you look at data in new ways. From multiple data sources to enterprise applications and databases, Oracle BI Cloud Service provides business users with fast, accessible data loading, with a wide array of automatic, dynamic visualizations for better analysis. It is a comprehensive platform that complements your existing systems, while at the same time giving you the opportunity to consolidate BI tools, helping to both extend and unify your existing BI investment. Ease of use is key—so IT is spared hours of support and can focus on driving innovation, and users throughout the organization can do the work they need to, on their timeline, without sacrificing quality or reliability.