Oracle Business Intelligence SE One

Oracle Business Intelligence Standard Edition One is a complete, integrated, and attractively priced business intelligence (BI) solution for midsize companies or workgroups. It provides everything you need to create highly formatted reports, operational dashboards with ad-hoc analysis, and to consolidate your data for a complete view of your business. It includes the same technology as Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition Plus, making it simple to scale as your business needs grow.

A Complete Business Intelligence System

Oracle Business Intelligence Standard Edition One is a complete, integrated business intelligence system specifically designed with the emerging enterprise in mind. It includes everything needed to solve your pressing business needs, including:

  • Oracle Business Intelligence Server
  • Oracle Business Intelligence Interactive Dashboards
  • Oracle Business Intelligence Answers
  • Oracle Business Intelligence Publisher
  • Oracle Database Standard Edition One
  • Oracle Warehouse Builder

Complete and Flexible

Designed with midsized business or workgroup in mind, Oracle BI Standard Edition One features a streamlined installation experience and is pre-configured out of the box to be production ready, getting you up and running in the fastest time possible. In addition to providing a complete package with everything you need, Oracle BI Standard Edition One is designed for flexible implementations. Organizations can choose which components they want to start with and build out as business needs demand.

Ready to grow with your business

Oracle Business Intelligence Standard Edition One uses the same technology components as Oracle Business Intelligence Suite Enterprise Edition Plus, so you can effortlessly upgrade to Enterprise Edition Plus licenses when needs expand – with no need to convert or re-develop reports, dashboards, or data models.

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