The Megabyte Human Resources Management System

Human Resources Management Since 1979, Megabyte Limited has been developing and enhancing its Human Resources Management System to meet the ever changing needs of the human resource professionals in enterprises of any size. Our focus has always been that of meeting the needs of our esteemed user base. This is why we listen to our customers and innovate on their behalf when creating solutions.

We are continually enhancing Megabyte's HRMS, incorporating new technologies and features to meet the constant changes in the HR world. Over the years, we’ve added fields and functionality that allow our users to collect and analyse more employee information. Through Explorer-like hierarchical lists, users access salary details, grades history, emergency contacts, vacation and sick leave takings, skills acquired, training attended and just about anything else the human resource manager might require. All this has been done through a simple, user-friendly interface, which makes MHRMS extremely easy to use and implement.

We have listened to our customers’ feedback and have built a system with several key advantages. The total system is composed of the following stand-alone modules which, when implemented together, deliver an optimised Human Resource Management system.