MHRMS – HR Self Service Module

HR Self-Service Module

Empower your employees by letting them book for vacation leave and claim overtime and travelling expenses online from their Web browser, and thereby eliminating paperwork and filing, In addition the employees can check their leave balances and clockings online, and makes it easier to manage flexi-time and monitor lateness. All leave bookings and overtime claims will be subject to supervisor/ manager online approval, who are notified via email. All the approved transactions are automatically transferred to Payroll, thereby eliminating duplicate work.

The system automatically detects the working pattern of the employee (via the T&A rules) and will check if they are supposed to work on weekends and public holidays where appropriate. It also provides the capability to employees to apply for full days of leave or a number of hours of leave as defined by the company’s rules. Minimum and maximum leave can be defined. In addition the system will check the employee’s leave balances when booking, and will not allow over booking. Any leave surplus at the end of the year can be carried forward to the next year automatically. Leave bookings can also be cancelled online (also subject to approval).

Web Self-Service Features include:

  • Data driven by the employees via Internet Browser
  • Can be set-up on Intranet or over Internet
  • Workflow System with different levels of approval
  • Email notifications for both employee and manager
  • Leave bookings and check balances online
  • Employees may view and edit their home address & phone numbers
  • Administrators can post forced leave
  • Users can check if their colleagues are on leave
  • Viewing of clockings and working time
  • Claim overtime and time off in lieu and travel expenses
  • Users will use their Windows login username/ password • Fully integrated with Megabyte T&A and Payroll