Megabyte’s SimplyPayroll, as its name implies, is a simple-to-use, affordable payroll package which has been designed for small to medium sized companies and which works very effectively, easing up an administration team who may not have enough resources to allocate each month to run their payroll.

SimplyPayroll is rich in functionality, cost effective and reliable and has been developed purposely for the local market. It is highly parameterised and can be easily integrated with other modules within the SimplyHR suite including Time and Attendance. SimplyPayroll can support a multi-company workforce, as well as, cater for an unlimited number of organisation levels.

SimplyPayroll features user-friendly functionality for the payment and handling of salaries, overtime and union deductions, fringe benefits, health insurance, and company pension contributions. Data input can be customised so that any financial and statistical information is easily tracked and queried. SimplyPayroll is engineered to cater for and respond to on-going and diverse business needs.

Simply Payroll forms part of Megabyte’s SimplyHR suite of products which is designed to meet all business HR requirements. It is a system which is built on Megabyte’s Human Resources Management System, developed since Megabyte’s early years to suit the growing HR requirements of businesses within various industries. We are continually enhancing our product offering, incorporating new technologies and features to meet the constant changes in the HR world. Fields and functionality added over the years, now allow users to collect and analyse more employee information, and enable management to track all employee training together with records of qualifications and skills.

SimplyHR is a highly stable solution which is now available on the cloud and provides a comprehensive service including T&A and Web modules. Being cloud-based eliminates any necessary upgrades to the system and signifies lower investment costs since no hardware is required.

SimplyPayroll’s primary features include:

  • Completely automated Fringe Benefit calculation
  • Payroll cycle checklists
  • Production of detailed pay-slips/tax sheets for any year online
  • Direct Credit
  • Sending of pay-slips to employees via e-mail
  • Multi company facility
  • GDPR compliant
  • Bulk payroll updates and deletions
  • Electronic Lodgment for IRD records
  • Maintenance of a comprehensive history of employees
  • Generation of end-user and Government reporting
  • Unlimited number of payroll  employees and departments
  • Unlimited number of payroll allowances and deductions
  • Unlimited types of leave
  • Automatic pro-rata calculation of basic salary and government bonus
  • Rule-based Benefits and Compensation Administration
  • Full Maltese Legislative Compliance
  • Complete Salary History Information
  • Configurable Security