Oracle ERP Cloud Solutions

How Can a Modern ERP Cloud Help You Grow and Succeed?

Oracle ERP Cloud is designed for the way people work today, embedding social, analytic, and mobile capabilities for superior workforce productivity.For midsize organizations worldwide, simplifying and modernizing systems is increasingly central to success. Oracle ERP Cloud, the most complete and secure ERP cloud solution on the market, is the same solution used by Oracle’s large, global enterprise customers.

Growth can be painful, especially when you’re building the capabilities to support more customers, add new products, and expand into new geographies. Growing companies face a number of unique challenges that stand in the way of their success, including:
• Inability for current systems to scale in support of a growing business.
• Costly integrations supporting fragmented systems, which can create inefficient processes and lack of control.
• Limited bandwidth of current IT resources to support strategic innovative initiatives.
• Unpredictable costs associated with upgrades, staying compliant with regulatory changes and keeping up with an ever changing global economy.

You need to be confident that your business platform will support your growth; you need to be able to grow smarter. With more than 290,000 midsize customers across all of its solutions, Oracle is the right choice for smart growth. Oracle’s Cloud solutions are designed to address the specific growing pains of successful midsize companies.

Oracle offers the most complete range of cross-functional cloud business services including: ERP, HCM (HR & talent management), and CRM (sales, marketing, and customer service). That means that you can start with the services that are critical for you today, and be confident that end-to-end capabilities are there for you when your business is ready.


Oracle ERP Cloud is designed for your success. Grow smarter, empower people, and maximize value. Start driving your success today.

Empower the Modern Enterprise

Oracle ERP Cloud combines the power of a global business software suite with easy-to-use transactional and reporting capabilities that address financial, procurement and project requirements across a range of business flows and countries. The complete and integrated suite transforms your organization through the latest social, mobile, and analytic technologies to optimize collaboration, process efficiency and compliance while increasing insight into the business.

Global Enterprise Grade Cloud ERP Solution

Cloud-based solutions not only make ERP software more affordable, they also make these systems easier to implement and manage. Oracle ERP Cloud offers you flexibility and choice in your deployment through a comprehensive, modern and secure cloud offering. By simplifying your technical requirements and business processes, you reduce costs and free up resources to focus on value added activities across your enterprise.

Innovative ERP Solution

Oracle ERP Cloud delivers a new user experience with features and innovations built in such as collaboration, contextual business intelligence, role-based dashboards and mobile applications, embedding innovation and productivity into the user interface. Real-time reporting and actionable insight increase the effectiveness of decision making and drives innovation.